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    Origine du Groupe : Cape Verde

    Style : World Music

    Sortie : 1999

    By Stacy Phillips from http://www.rootsworld.com

    Cap-Vert: Raiz di Djarfogo presents the sounds of one band, the "Roots (Raiz) of Fogo Island" (This island is also represented in An Archipelago of Music). They are a typical old time group sound
    of guitars and shakers, centered around the vocalist. Besides mornas and coladeiras, the band is trying to revive song styles associated with local saints' festivals. Some of these are dependent
    on lyrics for effect, and don't particularly work for someone who does not understand the language. But there are some interesting local variations of the music of Cape Verde and this band has
    just the right sort of relaxed approach to be enjoyable. There is some very nice stuff here, but I am particularly taken by the double album anthology. If you are looking for one album from Cape
    Verde, that is the one.

    Tracklist :

    1. Principe De Ximento

    2. Alice

    3. Rabolada

    4. Djarfogo

    5. Braga Maria

    6. Mino

    7. Catcho

    8. Bia

    9. Tuna

    10. Nha Code

    11. Lucia

    12. Grandeza Di Djarfogo

    13. Brial




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