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    Origine du Groupe : Hongry

    Style : Hip Hop Jazz Downtempo

    Sortie : 2010

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    | release date: 29-Mar-2010 | produced & mastered by: Rare | artwork by: Veni Galabova |

    Rare and Cheese bring us back to the golden years of hip-hop. "Jazzpolice" comes with beautiful frisky jazzy cuts,

    lo-fi beats, scratches and wise funky stories right from the street. If you dig the early 90s sound of A Tribe Called Quest,

    Lord Finesse, Main Source and Compton's Most Wanted, this album is for you!

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    01. Randomfunk (02:04)

    02. Jazzpolice (03:12)

    03. Movin' (02:15)

    04. Jazz 20 (03:16)

    05. Havin Fun (01:56)

    06. So Called Game (02:08)



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