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    Dadawah and Nyahbinghi are Ras Michael's first two albums, and together on one CD, they highlight both sides of his sound.  The former blends traditional Rasta drumming with reggae bass
    lines, electric guitars, and other modern styles, while the latter contains Rasta drumming and chanting accompanied only by an occasional flute.   Unless you're a Rasta music purist,
    Dadawah will almost certainly appeal to you more than Nyahbinghi.  Although it only contains four tracks, Dadawah is a hauntingly somber, atmospheric work or art whose melodies and music
    blend perfectly to draw you in (You may recognize "Zion Land" from  Dennis Brown's hit "Africa.").  The melodies on Nyahbinghi, on the other hand, are only interesting in comparison to
    the music.  Only "Rise Jah Jah Children" arose any reaction from me, as it utilizes the melody from the doo-wop hit "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."  The rest of the songs are dull, mournful
    chants and/or hymns, each with the same sleep-inducing rhythm.  Why couldn't Dadawah be 12 tracks and Nyahbinghi  four?


    Origine du Groupe : Jamaica

    Style : Reggae , Nyahbinghi

    Sortie : 1998

    Tracklist :

    1. Run Come Really

    2. Seventy Two Nations

    3. Zion Land

    4. Know How You Stand

    5. Keep Cool Babylon

    6. Rise Jah Jah Children (The Lion Sleeps)

    7. Pretty Little Face

    8. Carnal Mind

    9. Run Come (Throw Away Your Stony Heart)

    10. Come Down (Pomps and Pride)

    11. Jah Got the Whole World

    12. Roll River Jordan

    13. Cast Them in the Fire

    14. Nyah Man Say

    15. Rastaman Chant

    16. We're Marching on to Victory



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