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    Origine du Groupe : Germany   

    Style : Nu-Jazz , Lounge , Lo-Fi

    Sortie : 2008

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    From http://www.earitnow.com

    Ok. Of the twelve tracks on this Rogall album (only one there is I think) there is only one track I truly enjoy and it's the one I'm going to pass along. I can get really into the beats on this
    LP and if there was an instrumental version I would pick it up in a heartbeat. But personally I don't like the vocals of Sideshow Bob (go to their myspace and you'll see an almost obnoxiously
    long scroll-down bio of the band). Not to say it's not everybody's bag but I am a bigger fan of chicks singing over this kind of music. I'll keep an ear out for these guys and maybe it will grow
    on me. Either way listen to the one I like, venture out and listen to their other stuff. Publicity is always good.

    Note : this is a continuous performance by the following :

    Earl Zinger - "Sideshow Bob" : voc

    Hugo Race - "The Man Who Laughs" : voc / guit

    Steve Moss - "The Mudman": sax

    "Gypsy" Bev Lee Harling : voc / violin

    Achim "the Tapdrum Monk" Färber : drums

    Farda P. "the Hierophant"

    Rogall "the Electric Mysterious Wonder"

    San Ra on Baritone Saxophone

    and - as a very special guest:

    Henry Rollins - "The Strongest Man Alive" : poem

    Tracklist :

    01. Nuts 'N' Bolts

    02. Underground

    03. Drive Into The West

    04. Widllife

    05. After Last Night

    06. Foreign Woman

    07. Beyond Garden Walls

    08. Crime Baby

    09. 10 Ft. Tall

    10. Telephone Call

    11. Rising Star

    12. No Deposit





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