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    Origine du Groupe : Danemark

    Style : Surf Punk Rock

    Sortie : 2010

    By DaBoss  from http://fatcitycigarlounge.blogspot.com

    The Palermo Surf Experience play with extreme volume and energy, while not racing along. The upside are 12 mostly very good songs delivered with excellent guitar and drums. the downside is
    inconsistent mixing, lead guitar often too low in the mix, and drums often to prominent. While this serves the intensity, it subdues the melodies and sense of ensemble that's clearly in the
    performance. My guess is that this is an excellent band that would wear you out live, and one that will deliver killer recordings once the formula is found. I really like this disc, aside from
    the production values. Phil Dirt

    Tracklist :       

    01. Evil Desert Ghost Train From Hell (With Death)

    02. Shake ‘n’ Fake

    03. Stealth Rodeo

    04. Powerkraut

    05. Run Run Retard

    06. Fabrin’s Fabulous Fight Night

    07. Silence Is Violence

    08. RIP Curl Renegade

    09. Santas Sweet Revenge

    10. Gin Atomic

    11. Viagra Falls

    12. Still Strippin’


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