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    Springs in the air...there's magic everywhere....la.la.la.la.....anyone remember that song? Well it is springlike today and I've been out in my garden using the Christmas present which my son
    bought for me......a Wilkinson Sword Miracle Weeder. Now I don't want to appear ungrateful, but I had hinted long and hard for some Caleche perfume by Hermes so why I got a Miracle  Weeder is
    beyond me, a Miracle Worker  I could have understood as I'm in need of it, but a Weeder.....I was somewhat peeved I can tell you. But now I'm feeling the benefit of it. The Miracle
    Worker  ..oops sorry Weeder, is a device to stop people (particularly elderly people, as my son obviously sees me) having to bend and use a trowel. The device is something like a pogo stick,
    indeed that's what I thought it was at Christmas!! It's about 2/3ft high with a bar ...


    Origine du Groupe : Jamaica

    Style : Reggae

    Sortie : 1974

    Tracklist :

    01* Children From A Broken Home

    02* Part-Time Lover

    03* Miracle Worker

    04* Make A Break

    05* Raggy Raggy Clothes

    06* Love & Friendship

    07* Itch & Scratch

    08* Don't Throw Stones

    09* The Peppermint Seller


    Engineer : Vic Keary & Karl Pitterson &  Steeve Cooper

    Vocals : Sydney Rogers

    Backing Vocals : Danny Ray & Eddie Smith & The Carols & Tito Simon

    Drums : Melvin Patterson & Mikey Boo Richards & Carlton Barrett & Winston Grennan

    Bass : Jackie Jackson & Lloyd Parks & Family Man

    Rhythm Guitar : Trevor Brown & Ronnie Williams & Rad Bryan

    Lead Guitar : Hux Brown & Irvin Yarde

    Organ : Winston Wright & Sonny Binns & Hawk



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