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    Origine du Groupe : North America

    Style : Blues

    Sortie : 2009

    This DVD presents 75 minutes of raw blues from vocalist Tail Dragger with his Chicago Blues Band live from Rooster's Lounge on the west side of Chicago. If you want to experience a typical
    Saturday night at the Lounge, this is the next thing to being there. Tail Dragger takes his mic and wanders around the room, singing in his gravel-mouthed style, stopping here and there to plead
    his relationship blues to a variety of (mostly) females (with the guys looking on from their perspective). There are times when I would like to see him move on to a different gal, as he sometimes
    seems to play up to one for too long. However, his audience has come to expect this and delights in wondering who his next "victim" will be. This is not blues-lite or blues-rock. The band
    provides a solid shuffle backing throughout the set, although I would have preferred one less of the two guitarists. I like guitar, but sometimes there can be too many in the sound mix. Special
    guest Jimmy Dawkins steps in, taking the place of one, and plays guitar with the band on one number, "Wander", and has a welcomed sound. In fact, the appearance of Jimmy Dawkins on this DVD was
    probably the main reason I bought it, and I would like to see an entire DVD such as this devoted to Dawkins with backing band in the future. Otherwise, I was very impressed with the band's Martin
    Lang on blues harp (harmonica). On every number, he provided a sincere, enthusiastic backing, helping to create a true-blues sound. The video is shot from a variety of angles, and the
    videographers deserve praise for being able to keep up with the pacing Tail Dragger. All in all, this is a DVD for those that want to see and feel the raw blues in the proper venue.

    by  Blue Ox "Al"  

    Tracklist :   

    1. Louise (7:34)

    2. Talk (0:55)

    3. Baby Please Don't Go (5:03)

    4. Talk (0:52)

    5. She's Worryin' Me (8:08)

    6. Talk (0:53)

    7. Stop Lying (4:29)

    8. Keep It to Yourself (4:05)

    9. Talk (0:39)10. Be Careful (6:28)

    11. Talk (0:44)

    12. Wander (3:45)

    13. Talk (0:59)

    14. Bought Me A New Home 6:11

    15. Ooh Baby Hold Me (3:09)

    16. I'm In the Mood (6:16)

    17. Everything Gonna Be Alright (6:17)

    18. Blues With a Feeling (5:51)

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