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    Origine du Groupe : North America

    Style : Jazz Funk

    Sortie : 1976

    By A mind with no ceiling From http://oufarkhan.blogspot.com

    For those of you who remember the James Mason album, and thought like me that it was a unique one, well here is its companion on the tiny Chiaroscuro label— with a similar sound and James himself
    participating on guitar & writing! This is a gem of an album, more instrumental than Rhythm Of Life, but with that eerie jazzy sound that's made it so great. A few cuts have vocals, and
    you'll also recognize a very famous Erykah Badu sample in the mellow number "Dreamflower" (the lady has some  taste...). But the whole thing's fantastic, deep and so unjustly forgotten.

    Tracklist :

    1. Love it

    2. Truth is the key

    3. Dreamflower

    4. You'll be with me

    5. Things spring

    6. Charlie

    7. Revelation

    8. Out of this world

    9. Downtown sound

    10. Blue neptune

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