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    Origine du Groupe : Germany
    Style : Funk Jazz
    Sortie : 2012




    From http://www.digitalkunstrasen.net
    Digital synthetic turf is well known for diversity of style and diverse artists, and so there are and have always wanted it to discover the times. The Trif fit exactly into the scheme because, since the experimental jazz of the trio is not only special but also done particularly well. Here is a little spark, since Piese blues and rock to a shock - everything zeitgenässischen based Jazzes and an outstanding instrument mastery. Achim schif, Marvin Blamberg and Johannes Fog understand not only the elaboration of songs, but also the jamming and improvising, and exactly in the path created, the present Parliament. And who has the Jazz not biosher range ansich leave it, which is definitely here to take a step in his direction.)

    Tracklist :
    01. Extratrifvore
    02. Pneumotrifator
    03. Trifious
    04. Intratrifmorphic
    05. Macrotrifship
    06. Trifphyte

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