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    Origine du Groupe : Canada

    Style : Trip Hop , Electronic

    Sortie : 2011

    By http://mrmoods.bandcamp.com

    Here you will find your release, a way to relate...

    Be set free with melody as we proceed to entrance you... Find your place in the rhythm, let the music groove you...We are Twin Muses.

    Twin muses are Christian Denis (Mr. Moods) and Shirlene Rudder, we met on icompositions, she send me an acapella of dirt and ask me if i can work on this and i response with that version on this
    ep, after we start to work together as a band, we are inspiring each other, that's why we called us TWIN MUSES,it's like magic, everything is easy and very deep, we try to find our way in the
    music industry, we are inspired by the greats who build the way before us, PORTISHEAD, MASSIVE ATTACK, ERYKA BADU and many more, this collaboration project begun in february 2010 and for now we
    have already do 14 tracks, so it's very powerful between us, hard to describe, but so intense, you will listen to it in the music, have a nice trip, peace.



    released 07 October 2011

    Christian Denis (soundscape) Shirlene Rudder (lyrics and vocals) all recorded in the winter 2010.

    Tracklist :

    1.Mystery is ecstasy 04:36   

    2.Them eyes 04:39   

    3.Walk it off 04:56   

    4.Follow 03:46   

    5.Lovers 03:48   

    6.Absence 03:41   

    7.Denied 03:12   

    8.Dirt 05:48   

    9.Appetite 03:52   

    10.Get down 04:45   

    11.Think about me 04:46

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