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    Origine du Groupe : V.A , France

    Style : DJ , Mix , Electro , Ambient , Abstract Electro , Abstract Hip Hop , Electro Dub , Downtempo , IDM

    Sortie : 2012

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    Tracklist :
    01 - Opiuo - Spanners
    02 - Mäyd Hubb meets Joe Pilgrim - Twilight
    03 - EZ3kiel - Barbary
    04 - Lorn - Everything Is Violence
    05 - Mr. Moods & DJ Racy A.J - Zaman
    06 - Mabataki - Woods
    07 - The Malex Kings - Dix-Neuf
    08 - Violent Public Disorderaz - Whiskey Sessions (Innereyefull Remix)
    09 - Fat Jon - Watch Out
    10 - Mononome - Fools Rush In
    11 - DJ Krush -  Kouro - Optical path
    12 - Commix - Everything
    13 - Bangkok Impact feat. Kassen - Puppets
    14 - Waitapu - Truckin' (Dziga Remix)
    15 - Zenzile - Roosters at War
    16 - Headshotboyz - Calypso
    17 - Pepil Pew - Jellyfish Galaxies
    18 - Diligent Fingers - Sway With Me
    19 - Tonda Trio - Time Afta
    20 - Chimp Beams - Lost Nomad

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    Origine du Groupe : Various

    Style : Compilation

    Sortie : 2012

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    Power by DJ DEMONANGEL peace !!!

    Tracklist :

    01 - Crimson House Blues - Silver Dollars

    02 - Georgia Anne Muldrow - Kali yuga

    03 - Spoek Mathambo - Stuck together

    04 - MDC -Ninja assassin ft. Brother Culture

    05 - Ez3kiel - How do you sleep

    06 - Dr. John - Getaway

    07 - Lund Quartet - Love's Madness

    08 - Ebo - Taylor - Nsu Na Kwan

    09 - Catherine Russell - Wake Up And Live

    10 - Los Miticos Del Ritmo - Cumbia de mochilla

    11 - Khaled AlJaramani & Serge Teyssot-Gay - Indian Raga

    12 - Samon Kawamura - Lektro Khon

    13 - Sidi Touré - Woy tiladio (Beautiful Woman, Goddess of Water)

    14 - Fanny Beriaux - In My Bed

    15 - Desolate - Risen

    16 - PFL - Set In Stone

    17 - Pavel Dovgal - Koa

    18 - Sandra Nkaké - Conversation

    19 - Gorillaz Vs Spacemonkeyz Mutant Genius (New Genious)

    20 - Jenova 7 & Mr. Moods - Rat Pack (feat. Zamzam)

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    Origine du Groupe : V.A

    Style : Hip Hop

    Sortie : 2009

    From http://waxattack.blogspot.com

    After "the underground orgasm" (2005) and "the underground level" (2006), here's the third chapter of the saga ...

    Tracklist :

    01-forcer the sorcerer-the beginning

    02-mental dimension-verbal format

    03-ghettolandz-getcha open

    04-mighty joseph-nyc kidz


    06-joe sinister-da rewind

    07-black mel-vibin' along

    08-afiliashun-tell me if you open

    09-jam dot-soul search'n

    10-kae'daq-corpse perfume ayanami [remix]

    11-dolomight - 1,2,3

    12-p.s.p. -representing your ground

    13-basement society-headcrack

    14-ran reed-so whatcha want

    15-wise fool-divine wisdom

    16-red 1 a.c.c. -my people

    17-d.vine and lewis parker-visions of mine

    18-kms-sad love song

    19-sons of intellect-worldwide

    20-rick de ville-73

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  • http://vis-soft.net/uploads/posts/2010-11/12890282521911288905825elsonnohamuer.jpeg

    Origine du Groupe : V.A Cuba

    Style : Word Music , Cuban Music , Rumba

    Sortie : 2001

    By Rosh  from http://www.amazon.com

    This amazing compilation of Son Cubano is "priceless". From Beny More to Cachao to Celia Cruz, the intoxicating sounds speak to the heart and captivate the soul. There are no words
    to describe the Son experience. The essence of Afro-Cuban music is delivered by this album--an element that is missing from today's "Pop Salsa". I highly recommend "El Son No Ha Muerto: the best
    of Cuban Son"--You have to hear it to believe it.

    Tracklist :
    01. Sierra Maestra - Chango Ta'Veni

    02. Son 14 - Si Yo Siempre He Sido Son

    03. Celina Gonzalez y el Conjunto Campo Alegre - Guateque Campesino

    04. Nico Saquito - Maria Cristina

    05. Canambu - Para Bailar el Son

    06. Cachao - El Son No Ha Muerto

    07. Marcelino Guerra - Oye Mi Son

    08. Orquesta Aragon - Son al Son

    09. Benny More y su Orquesta - Me Gusta Mas el Son

    10. Celia Cruz con la Sonora Matancera - Suavecito

    11. Septeto Nacional de Ignacio Pineiro - Ay Que Bueno (Lindo Yambu)

    12. Estrellas Areito - Pongase Para las Cosas

    13. Grupo Irakere - Bailando Asi

    14. Orquesta Maravillas de Florida - Prestame Tu Mujer

    15. Roberto Borrell & The Conjunto Tipico Cubano - Son Bacheche

    16. Rolo Martinez - Mi Son, Mi Son, Mi Son


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    Origine du Groupe : V.A World

    Style : World Music

    Sortie : 2011

    Tracklist :

    01 - Vlatko Stefanovski & Miroslav Tadic - Izlezi Vido

    02 - Anoushka Shankar - Red sun

    03 - Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate - Sabu yerkoy

    04 - Super Eagles - Love's a Real Thing

    05 - Zoe Keating - Escape Artist

    06 - Orchestre Baobab - Sibam

    07 - Interactivo - Chiqui chaca (Cadaver exquisito)

    08 - AfroCubism - Djelimady Rimba

    09 - Sevara Nazarkhan - El nozanin

    10 - Abdeljalil Kodssi - Africa

    11 - Ray Callao -  Baratija

    12 - Woima Collective -  Puno

    13 - Ensemble Montreal Tango -  Nightclub 1960 (A. Piazzolla)

    14 - Susheela Raman - Paal

    15 - Desert Rebel - Desert Boogie

    16 - Zoi Tiganouria - La Valse A Margayx

    17 - Femi Kuti - Boys Dey Hungry For Town

    18 - Aberlado Carbano - La negra kulende

    19 - Danay - Guajira

    20 - Los Cojolites - Negra Luna


  • http://ekladata.com/0vow5aVx7s9Gvmzltok9VeI3lwA.jpg

    Origine du Groupe : V.A South India

    Style : World Music

    Sortie : 2004

    From the land of a thousand Gods and Goddesses

    from the land of ragas and talas....

    ancient mystical music,

    to jump start the spirit, to hot wire the soul

    Side 1

    1. Varnum, Raga Intha. A varnum is an opening piece in praise of the half human half elephant god Ganesh, asking him to remove all obstacles. perfromed by Mandolin virtuoso, U. Srinivas,

    2. Thyagaraja Kriti Kalavati. A piece composed by the 17th century Saint Thyagaraja. Preformed by the brother / sister duo of Krshnan and Vijaylaksmi Lagudi.

    3. Jaya Jaya, Pradmabha Nabha. Performed by one of the great vocalists, Sanjay Subramanium.

    Side 2

    1. Vapati, Hamsa Shvani (Song of the Swan). Perfromed by the elder statesman of flute, Dr. Ramani.

    2. Saraswati Namosthuthe, composed by G.N. Balasubramanium. A song in praise of the Goddess Saraswati (goddess of learning and music). Nadadesswaram is a large oboe like instrument used in
    wedding celebrations.

    *Recorded in 2004 by Dr. Temiz

    by nicholab  from  http://ghostcapital.blogspot.com  permalink

    Tracklist :

    01 Varnum, Raga Intha

    02 Thyagaraja, Kriti Kalavati

    03 Jaya Jaya, Padmabda Nabha

    04 Vapati, Hama Dhvani (Song of the Swan)

    05 Saraswati Namosthuthe


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    Origine du Groupe : Egypt

    Style : World Music

    Sortie : 1996

    More new treasures from the Nubian culture vaults presented by Berlin-based Mahmoud Fadl and his group Salamat. A wealth of delicacies from the voluptuous garden of North African tradition -
    earthy rhythms and oriental melodies, recorded in Cairo with the stars of the Nubian New Wave scene. A modern tribute to the glorious past of a lost civilisation which nonetheless remains vibrant
    through its music. Shake your roots!


    Tracklist :

    01. Marinthod

    02. Yanas Baridouh

    03. Noura

    04. Zikraati (greetings from Cairo)

    05. Elleyl Elhadi

    06. El Zekra, Pt. 1

    07. El Zekra, Pt. 2

    08. Howa Sahih

    09. Ashry

    10. Sabreh

    11. Nuba Noutou


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    Origine du Groupe : V.A World

    Style : Electro Dub

    Sortie : 2004

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    Nine years ago, a loose collective of rebel souljahs calling themselves the Crooklyn Dub Consortium launched a new movement in sound with the seminal Certified Dope, Volume 1 (WSCD003), a
    compilation which defined a burgeoning style from the underground dubbed "Illbient" by the press. Once again, one-upping the downtempo dummies, the crooked knights--including Spectre, Scotty
    Hard, HIM, and Bill Laswell-- return to prove that good music will always outlive the hype. Certified Dope, Volume 4 (WSCD048) stands as a testament to the awesome power of the Sound. Count on
    the expanded Crooklyn Dub Outernational to define these crucial times with this latest slate of dubwise illtronica. Babylon's Burning, ya heard? Or do the powers that be want you to party and
    bullshit till oblivion? Crooklyn Dub has the sonic cure to get you through the commercial blues. And as always, all styles and flavors represented here ripple with originality. French dub powers
    Brain Damage and Lab lead the charge with the haunting collabo, "Ph neutre," sounds from the Other Side. From the deviant dub-hop of Philosophy Major's "The Soundless Hum of Prayer" to the
    digital roots of Zion Train's "Modimo," the kaleidoscopic mix is seamless yet unpredictable. Twilight Circus suprises us with the world class dub-funk of "Twlight Circus Meets WordSound Inna
    Crooklyn 2003 Style," while Bill Laswell takes it back to the old school with Sly & Robbie riding shotgun on "Finite State Machine Dub." Roots Control rides the crushing backbeat of
    "Boombastic" to dubwise glory. And Doug Scharin's HIM outfit has grown in leaps and bounds as they display adept musicality on "Disco Lips." Meanwhile, left coast assassin King Fader treats a
    Systemwide beat like Adrian Sherwood on "Eyupsultan" as bonny Prince Charming treats us to his delightful dub rendition of "A Touch of Romance." For the hard stuff, look no further than Scotty
    Hard, who's coughing up chunks of suspicious dub matter on "Smoke Damage." Teledubgnosis, too, lends some earth-shaking dub-rock to the set with "Ladies &Gentlemen.... Always." World famous
    DJ/Rupture represents with the tweaked out madness of "Pleasure Ruin Dub," and bass terrorist Spectre never disappoints with the all out low-end assault of "Al Quaida." Always light years ahead
    of the pack, the genre-bending, boundary-breaking WordSound proves, once again, that Crooklyn keeps on making it HOT. Much more than music, this is a sonic tonic for survival as Babylon

    by http://www.wordsound.com


    Tracklist :

    01      Ph Neutre

    Brain Damage and Lab°     4:31

    02     The Soundless Hum Of Prayer (Remix)

    Philosophy Major     4:04

    03     Finite State Machine Dub

    Bill Laswell     4:49

    04     Modimo

    Zion Train     5:08

    05     Eyupsultan (The King Fader Mix)

    Systemwide     6:55

    06     Disco Lips

    HIM     5:32

    07     Twilight Circus Meets WordSound Inna Crooklyn 2003 Style

    Twilight Circus     4:02

    08     Boombastic

    Roots Control     4:25

    09     A Touch Of Romance

    Prince Charming     3:28

    10     Smoke Damage

    Scotty Hard     7:52

    11     Ladies and Gentlemen… Always

    Teledubgnosis     4:01

    12     Al Qaida (The Bass)

    Spectre     4:51

    13     Pleasure Ruin Dub

    DJ /rupture     3:24 


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  • http://www.tazart-music.com/tazart/images/stories/Tazart/TZT01/Sao_Paulo_is%20burning2.jpgNote :


    Sortie : 2010
    Style : Rap Fusion , Abstract Hip Hop , Alternative Fusion

    Tracklist :
    01- Écouter - Espião + Rodrigo Brandão
    02 - Maioria 100 - Mamelo Sound System
    03 - Sério. - Elo da Corrente + Mamelo Sound System
    04 -Ei! - Elo da Corrente
    05 - Homem de Ferro - Espião
    06 - Deixa - Espião & Rodrigo Brandão
    07 - Alameda da Memória - Contra Fluxo + Rodrigo Brandão + Espião
    08 - Corrente do Bem - Contra Fluxo
    09 - Por aí Vou Vagar - Ogi
    10 - A Nossa Hora - Dr. Caligari + Ogi
    11- Davi o Verdadeiro Gigante - Doncesão
    12 - Caiu de Maduro - Prof. M.Stereo
    13 - Indelével - Akin
    14 - Dias em Branco - Subsolo
    15 - A Quem Possa Interessar - Kamau
    16 - Vim Vi Venci - Simples
    17 - Minha Parte - Stephanie
    18 - Andei - Lurdez Da Luz + Stephanie
    19 - Zirigdum - Lurdez da Luz + Rodrigo Brandão
    20 - Durma Bem (Remix Munhoz) - Rump + Mamelo Sound System
    21 - Um por Todos - Projeto Manada
    22 - Minha Luz - Rump + Espião - Minha Luz
    23 - Bela & Fera - Mamelo Sound System + Espião
    24 - Imagem -
    Mamelo Sound System

    Creative Commons License




    São Paulo's Burning, c'est la première sortie du label Tazart Music mais c'est avant tout un coup de cœur, une rencontre, et un amour commun pour le hip hop brésilien. Voilà bientôt 40 ans que cette musique originaire des quartiers populaires New yorkais, s'exporte et se mélange aux différentes cultures urbaines du monde entier sans jamais perdre de sa force. São Paolo's Burning en est une des preuves les plus concrètes qui vient confirmer, une fois de plus, que cette musique se développe et se transforme, s'adapte et se bonifie dans tous les milieux urbains, débordant toujours d'influences musicales diverses et de thématiques communes. São Paulo's Burning est une compilation qui propose de vous faire découvrir un hip hop tout droit venu de la plus vaste cité Brésilienne, São Paulo.

    Tazart découvre cette scène alternative grâce à la participation du groupe Mamelo Sound System sur le nouvel opus de Métastaz : Orient Dub Express (à écouter et partager dès le 22 février sur Tazart). Les Mamelo Sound System font partie de ces artistes qui sont de véritables acteurs urbains. Leur musique, ainsi que celles de tous les artistes réunis dans cette compilation, reflète une culture musicale autant influencée par de grands producteurs américains que par une musique locale et plus traditionnelle. Le hip hop se mélange ici au jazz, à la bossa nova et aux percussions brésiliennes. Mamelo Sound System a réuni de nombreux artistes paulistes pour nous faire partager leur talent. On y retrouve les « stars » du hip hop alternatif de São Paulo avec des groupes comme Contra Fluxo, Mamelo Sound System ou encore le rappeur Kamau, mais aussi les petits nouveaux qui méritent d'être écoutés avec attention: Elo da Corrente, Akin, Doncesão, Simples...

    Bonne écoute! Et n'oubliez pas de la faire tourner, elle est faite pour ça !



    Une description détaillé des groupes, cliquez sur les photos.


    MameloElo_da_Corrente  Contra_fluxo
    Projeto_Manada Doncesao Espiao

    Kamau AkinMC_Stefanie




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