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    Country : Israel
    Genre : Alternative Rock
    Style : Folk , Folk Rock , Rock , Blues
    Durée 00:25:11




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    Country : Spain
    Genre : Alternative
    Style :  World Music , Flamenco , Folk , Latin Music

    Label : Kasba Music




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    Tracklist :

    1.Alma de Cantaora - Con La Abuela Margarita
    2.La Cuenta Atrás
    3.Pulpa de Tamarindo
    4.Vieja Pasión - con Mane Ferret
    5.Para Tí
    6.La Flor de la Palabra - con Arianna Puello
    7.Vueltas - con Muerdo
    8.Muchacho - con Calexico
    9.Fuera Fiera - con Bebe
    10.Mujer Levántate - con DePedro
    11.Free Day - con Howe Gelb
    12.Que Te Pedí
    13.Alma Reggae Version - con chalart58

  • http://ekladata.com/sN6zoZbZFwcoYlD1Y_bwEIhRYEE.jpg

    Origine du Groupe : Italia
    Style : Folk , Jazz World
    Sortie : 2012
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    From http://www.oldeuropacafe.com
    Somewhere between the melodic folk-inflected charm of Italian 60’s songwriters and the cabaret swoon of French chansonniers, Roma Amor’s new album is instinctively romantic and sophisticated. This album will seduce you with its summer-evening mellowness before breaking your heart with its beautifully sensual croon.
    Wonderful ballads and torch songs about love inspired by the epic, fatalistic rugged grandeur of Aznavour, Brel, Piaf, and 60’s Italian songwriters, though in a much quieter and more delicate setting.
    The album is sung in Italian with some French touches and the songs are from Roma Amor’s own harvest.
    The result isn't experimental or innovative, but an acoustic and intimate album for fans of well-crafted singer-songwriting.

    Tracklist :
    1. Occhi Neri
    2. Mon Amour
    3. Le Coeur Au Chaud
    4. A Te Che Mi Vinci
    5. Disertore
    6. Euforia
    7. La Concièrge
    8. Mélancolie
    9. Elle Est Seule
    10. Sensualità
    11. Fuoco Sottile
    12. Madrigale

  • http://antoinedoyen.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/ad0105-blogo-feist-blog.jpg


    Origine du Groupe : Canada
    Style : Indie , Folk
    Sortie : 2012
    Durée : 00:26:02

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    From http://liveweb.arte.tv

    Parfois, on pourrait s’inquiéter. Mais elle nous rassure aussitôt. Punkette adolescente, égérie indie, et au final dépositaire de succès planétaires ("Mushaboom", "One Evening", "1234"…), la route aurait été beaucoup plus simple pour Leslie Feist, si elle s’était laissé aller à la facilité commerciale, à la reproduction de formules. Et pourtant non. Son dernier album, Metals, paru à l’automne dernier, est une preuve de plus de son gout pour le changement, et sa capacité à mettre ses acquis au profit de choses nouvelles. Et d’ainsi continuer à proposer sa folk dans des constructions riches, intelligentes, sensibles, mais toujours accessible. Oui, Feist est populaire, mais sans jamais tricher. Et elle est là l’explication de la carrière irréprochable de Feist, et c’est sans doute ce qui ressort le plus de cette Soirée de Poche : la sincérité.

  • http://www.100yards.de/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/fetsi-e1338974336324.jpg



    Origine du Groupe : Germany

    Style : Folk , Soul , Alternative

    Sortie : 2012

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    From http://www.sonarkollektiv.com

    Of the many words that one might choose to define FETSUM’s long awaited debut perhaps the most accurate is ‘global’. It’s an adjective that not only summarises the sound that he has fashioned
    since he first started writing, but also his background. FETSUM’s parents were Eritrean revolutionists but he was born in Cairo after his mother had to flee because of a battlefield injury. After
    18 months they moved to Rome for several years before heading on to Stuttgart, Germany.

    It was during these formative years that FETSUM developed his love for music (from Bob Marley to Donny Hathaway and Bob Dylan) and tried to find his own voice – first in German and later in
    English. "It was a complete rational consideration. I always wanted to reach as many people as possible with my music. My lyrics shouldn't be only understood in these parts but all around the

    His self declared "Urban Folk" soon proved popular. The German tabloid BILD celebrated his impressive voice and none other than reggae star Patrice began to support him after hearing his music.
    First by taking him on tour as opening act several times, then as a guest in his own Supow Studio in Cologne. Here FETSUM started to record his debut "The Colors Of Hope". An album rich in years
    of experience and astonishing maturity. Over the last three years the now Berlin-based musician shared stages with international and national acts like Estelle, K'NAAN, Peter Fox, Soehne
    Mannheims, Cassandra Steen and - as mentioned - Patrice. These treasures of practical experiences and also the touching story of his own and his family's life fully shine through in this first

    "The Colors Of Hope" is once again an album you have to hear at a stretch. On the opener "Say Who You Are" FETSUM searches for his own identity in a world which to him isn't defined by country's
    borders and status symbols, but is always full of hope and the belief in the good in mankind. Even when he criticizes the system and its injustice in songs like "Emotional Android" and "Divided
    By Thoughts" the positive outweighs at all times. With "Egypt", "Homeless & Free" and "Letters From Damascus" FETSUM adds his very personal stories and tales to this brilliant piece of work.
    There's rarely music coming out so intimate and life-affirming at the same time. All the more it's recommended to enter the world of FETSUM and to draw hope from his beautiful songs. This voice
    will find its audience. There's no hope for that - but certainty.

    Tracklist :

    1. Say Who You Are

    2. One People

    3. Trials of Time

    4. Emotional Android

    5. Divided By Thoughts

    6. Egypt

    7. Homless & Free

    8. Letters From Damascus

    9. Waitin' for You

    10. Queen of My Heart

    11. Birth of a River


  • http://www.pias.com/fr/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/liz-green-fip.jpg


    Origine du Groupe : U.K

    Style : Folk , Jazz , Experimental

    Sortie : 2012

    Durée 00:50:46


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    Par http://liveweb.arte.tv

    Liz Green, la Blogothèque l’avait découverte il y a plus de 3 ans, et l’a depuis filmée en Concert à emporter. Il lui aura fallu tout ce temps pour sortir un premier album, O Devotion. Elle
    prodigue ses petites chansons folks fragiles, donnant pour une fois au concept de Retromania une couleur plutôt heureuse. Simplement beau.

    En concert, elle est accompagnée de cuivres et d'une contrebasse, se déguise en oiseau, et fait parfois penser avec son excentricité et ses histoires bancales et loufoques à un certain Tom Waits,
    l'alcool en moins et l'ironie british en plus.

    Tracklist :

    1. french singer

    2. midnight blues

    3. luis

    4. rag and bone

    5. hey joe

    6. who killed poor robin

    7. displacement song

    8. Bad medecine

    9. Bei mir bist du schoen

    10. bad medecine

    11. gallows

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    Origine du Groupe : Cape Verde

    Style : Folk , Jazz  World , World Music

    Sortie : 2011

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    From http://www.amazon.com

    meStissage is the sixth studio album by Cape Verdean Teofilo Chantre. As Cesaria Evora s appointed composer, Chantre has penned many beautiful songs such as Ligereza, Um Pincelada and Crepuscular
    Solidão. His work is characterized by a strong melodic sense and harmonic sophistication that blends in a kind of swinging Creole jazz. meStissage features Marc Estève as well as a guest
    appearance by Bernard Lavilliers who, after covering a Teofilo Chantre song on his latest release, joins him here for a duet.

    Tracklist :

     1 Tu verrais

     2 Tout en ce monde

     3 Alem disso

     4 Gongon

     5 Oli'me ma bô (avec Bernard Lavilliers)

     6 Entre-temps

     7 Un monde honorable

     8 Lua desencantada

     9 Galans de noche

    10 Alma Morna

    11 Pai pa fidje

    12 Firmamento de nos sodade

    13 Au restau de l'exil





  • http://www.brooklynvegan.com/img/music2/anaishades.jpg



    Origine du Groupe : North America

    Style : Alternative , Folk

    Sortie : 2010

    By Jon Lusk  from http://www.bbc.co.uk

    The concept album is a much-maligned thing – perhaps not unfairly, given the excesses of certain 70s prog-rockers. So the news that this Vermont-based singer-songwriter’s latest work is a folk
    opera based on “the ancient Greek myth of the poet Orpheus” may provoke a few groans. Fear not! Although Hadestown isn’t without fault, it is, by and large, a success.

    This is partly down to the amount of time and energy that has been lavished on it, as the beautifully designed CD sleeve suggests; so much for public arts funding. Hadestown began evolving in
    2006 as a stage show, which Mitchell road-tested with a 22-member cast. She also recorded one of the songs on her 2007 album The Brightness. Originally called Hades & Persephone, and
    performed solo by Mitchell, it’s here retitled How Long? and is a sung dialogue between Ani DiFranco (Persephone) and Greg Brown (Hades), with strings, piano and atmospheric percussion.

    Mitchell’s sugar-coated, girlish vocals won’t appeal to all, and initially distract from her considerable talents as a lyricist (“The river Styx was a river of stones”), so the use of a
    distinguished and well chosen cast to sing the various parts is a plus. And while Brown’s creaky baritone is another acquired taste, he does make a convincing Hades. The unmistakeable falsetto of
    Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon (Orpheus), and Ben Knox Miller of The Low Anthem (Hermes) are definite assets, and even the usually annoying DiFranco is well cast as Persephone.

    Like most operas, the plot is fairly opaque and more or less an empty vehicle for voices, so Mitchell’s mixing of contemporary and historical settings with one of the many original versions of
    Orpheus isn’t a problem – there’s clearly a narrative, even if it isn’t easy to follow. It’s the fine and varied arrangements by Michael Chorney and Todd Sickafoose, and Mitchell’s memorable
    melodies that hold things together.

    In a Vaudevillian manner, she plunders a wide array of idioms, ranging from traditional American folk (Wedding Song seems to draw on Mockingbird) through Tom Waits mannerisms, country, gospel,
    jazz, chamber music, and the Penguin-Cafe-Orchestra-goes-to-India vibe of the instrumental Lover’s Desire. It all makes sense eventually. Kind of.

    Tracklist :   

    01. Wedding Song (3:18)

    02. Epic (Part One) (2:22)

    03. Way Down Hadestown (3:33)

    04. Songbird (Intro) (0:24)

    05. Hey, Little Songbird (3:09)

    06. Gone, I'm Gone (1:09)

    07. When The Chips Are Down (2:14)

    08. Wait For Me (3:06)

    09. Why We Build The Wall (4:18)

    10. Our Lady Of The Underground (4:40)

    11. Flowers (Eurydice's Song) (3:33)

    12. Nothing Changes (0:52)

    13. If It's True (3:03)

    14. Papers (Hades Finds Out) (1:24)

    15. How Long (3:35)

    16. Epic (Part Two) (2:55)

    17. Lover's Desire (2:05)

    18. His Kiss, The Riot (4:03)

    19. Doubt Comes In (5:32)

    20. I Raise My Cup To Him (2:10)


  • http://www.surajmusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/DjivanGasparyanErkanOgur2001Fuad.jpg



    Origine du Groupe : Turkey , Armenia

    Style : World Music , Folk

    Sortie : 2001

    From http://www.cdroots.com

    Notes from the artists:

    Before the heart, there was time. Then the miracle occured. The heart came into being. With the command, the beat began. The first blow and the substance shakes with "Fuad" the inital moment of
    life where movement is born. "Fuad" is power, sound and rhthym. The heart begins life zealously, beating fast... Speeds up, slows down; gets high, gets down. Desire, fear, love, joy, sorrow,
    music, ecstacy, shock, fatigue/ attack, disease, halt and restart.

    Then a signal to the substance, and comes the moment of ceasing... "Fuad". From the minute infinity to the magnanimous one, from nothing to being, "Fuad" commences the universe. There, neither
    the first nor the last can be defined. Absolute being is the sole reality. Before the heart, the moment of the heart, after the heart; this is the question. There are moments when the heart is
    broken, that's the instance that breaks "Fuad". The happiest moment of the heart is "Fuad", it sees, hears, touches, tastes, smells, loves, discerns, feels with "Fuad". And we think with

    The talents we have and the talents we can never discover are "Fuad". Logic is formed at the heart, and might be cruel or loving as granted. "Fuad" is in the service of matter/ whether human or
    not, known or unknown, und whether will be discovered, be it living or non-living. Yearning for "Fuad" is a gift to the dreams of humanity.

    Percussion: Soner Akalin

    Percussion: Selda Ozturk

    Percussion: Emre Kocabas

    Percussion: Ferruh Yarkin

    Classical Kemenche: Derya Turkan

    Classical Guitar: Erkan Ogur

    E-bow: Erkan Ogur

    Duduk: Armen Gazaryan

    Duduk: Djivan Gasparyan

    Fretless Classical Guitar: Erkan Ogur

    Bas duduk: Vazgen Makaryan

    Tracklist :   

    01 – Yemen (08:39)

    02 – Siresi Yarisdaran (09:10)

    03 – Volor Molor (09:35)

    04 – Yes Pucur Yaris Pucur (01:48)

    05 – Fuad (06:36)

    06 – Perde Kalkti (06:11)

    07 – Siyah Perçemlerin Gonca Yüzlerin (04:42)

    08 – Mayrig (07:44)

    09 – Lorik (02:47)

    10 – Dönüs Yolu (02:14)

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